Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Mystery of Prime Numbers: THE MUSIC OF THE PRIMES by Marcus du Sautoy

In 1859, German mathematician Bernhard Riemann presented a paper to the Berlin Academy that would forever change mathematics. The subject was the mystery of prime numbers. At the heart of the presentation was an idea that Riemann had not yet proved, and one that still baffles mathematicians to this day.

Solving the Riemann Hypothesis could change the way we do business, since prime numbers are the lynchpin for security in banking and e-commerce. It would have a profound impact on the cutting edge of science, affecting quantum mechanics, chaos theory, and the future of computing. Leaders in math and science are trying to crack the elusive code, and a prize of $1 million has been offered to the winner. In The Music of the Primes: Searching to Solve the Greatest Mystery in Mathematics, Marcus du Sautoy, a professor of mathematics and the Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University, reveals the extraordinary history behind the holy grail of mathematics and the ongoing quest to capture it.

Praise for The Music of the Primes:

"An enthralling story of profoundly human passions and griefs, of rivalries and collaborative labors. . . . A book not to be put down."—Times Literary Supplement

"Enormously entertaining. . . . [Du Sautoy] uncovers a staggering depth and richness to the universe that should leave you in awe."—New Scientist

"This fascinating account is written like the purest poetry. Marcus du Sautoy's enthusiasm shines through every line of this hymn to the joy of high intelligence, illuminating as it does so even the darkest corners of his most arcane universe."—Simon Winchester, author of The Professor and the Madman

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Completely Updated Second Edition with a New Chapter on Cyberaffairs: AFTER THE AFFAIR by Janis Abrahms Spring, Ph.D.

There is nothing quite like the pain and shock caused when a partner has been unfaithful to their spouse. The hurt partner often experiences a profound loss of self–respect and falls into a depression that can last for years. For the relationship, infidelity is often a death blow from which there is no return to happiness and trust.

With more than 500,000 copies sold, After the Affair:  Healing the Pain and Rebuilding Trust When a Partner Has Been Unfaithful is the first book to help couples survive this crisis. Janis Abrahms Spring, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist who guides both hurt and unfaithful partners through the three stages of healing: normalizing feelings, deciding whether to recommit, and finally, revitalizing the relationship. It provides proven, practical advice to help the couple change their behavior toward each other, cultivate trust and forgiveness and build a healthier, more conscious intimate partnership. This newly revised and updated version of After the Affair includes a new chapter taken from today's headlines:  online affairs that are initiated in cyperspace by restless people behind their computer screens.

For the 70 percent of couples who have been affected by extramarital affairs, After the Affair is the only book to offer proven strategies for surviving the crisis and rebuilding the marital relationship.

Praise for After the Affair:

"The most comprehensive and balanced book I have ever read on the subject. It is 'must' reading for any couple who has experienced the violation of trust as a result of an affair."—Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., author of Getting the Love You Want

"A wonderful guide for couples who want to reconstruct their relationship after one partner has been unfaithful."—Aaron Beck, M.D., founder of Cognitive Therapy and author of Love Is Never Enough

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

HarperCollins Classics That Have Helped Shape America

The Library of Congress recently selected 88 books that they feel have shaped America as we know it. In a statement, they explain that the list "Is not a register of the ‘best’ American books--although many of them fit that description," but rather contains important books “written by Americans that have influenced our lives.” While every book on the list has played an important role in American history, we were exceptionally excited to see so many of our HarperCollins classics represented, including:
We invite you to explore the complete list, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on our titles represented. You also might be interested in exploring our Harper Perennial Modern Classics digital catalog, featuring the above titles, and more.

Are there any books that you feel should be included in the list? If so, you're in luck; the Library of Congress is asking for your opinion. Please complete their survey, providing feedback on the list in it's current form, and what you'd like to see added to it!